……and all is going well. Busier than I ever remember and loving being back in a buzzy, energetic environment. To cap it all off, I have already been White Water Rafting. Slightly different to the previous place!

The transition from an office of 7,500ppl back to a smaller agency was a slight concern however, the recent office move into a WeWork building (big plug for them!!) has made it easy.  Multiple companies across multiple floors, break out area and an internal networking intranet means, actually, its not all that different.  With companies such as KPMG, Deloitte and Baringa Partners all on the network, this Business Development lark should be easy.

There is one major difference to KPMG however…. we have a free bar!! Seriously, it’s an actual bar! with taps, barrels (usual problems with the gas) and it’s open from 2pm EVERY DAY!!!!  What magical place is this WeWork??

Unfortunately, however, now I am a grown up and have a grown up job title and grown up responsibilities within the firm, I have to leave the booze alone……until at least 5pm……..although the boss is away today…….