Alles Les Blues – Pierre Bouvignies – Essentia Intern of the Year FY 2015/2016

With the Euros in full swing, I try myself to compare the national team with the Essentia Consulting team. A team, more than a group, is the reflection of a state of mind; to draw towards a common goal (to win the Euros) in order to satisfy their individual aspirations (to be a champion). Essentia Consulting has a similar Keynesian principle which considers that the combination of the individual interests (maximum CV’s and placements) supports the general interest of Essentia (prosperity and development of the agency). I compare the Essentia consulting to the England team (Allez les Bleus)

On this basis, Seb is Roy Hodgson (even if Eddie Howe would physically fit you better), a coach who is in charge of his team, guarantor of its success, gives directives, thinks and organises the game tactically and tries to remobilise his troops when needed (hello office room). He leaves the control of the game (CVs) to his players, who must apply the game strategy chosen by the coach, as well as possible.

Thus, on the ground we have Martina as Joe Hart; she does not score but remains just as essential to seek the victory through operations and leading recruitment. Luke would be Rooney, the odd-job man, spinal column of the team (top billings) and leader of men (and women). Naz could be assimilated to Sterling, young with a large potential and able to score at any moment. Veer would be Marcus Rashford, with physical resemblances and his Apollo body, an early player with a future already shining, a real golden boy, Last but not least, Peter Crouch, (Harry Kane or Jamie Vardy are more relevant today), a nugget of modern time, complete player having all necessary qualities to lead out his team towards the victory. His Altruism makes him an attacker able to evolve above his functions (the future will speak in my favour). I also add Kristian, who would be in this case Dier, the new revelation, able to save his team in the last 20 minutes and improve the quality of the game (future cv machine).

There is a complete team which has all the assets to go to the end of the competition, with elements of pure quality and collaboration which you can trust, an uncommon thing in the football world but what this team has in abundance.

N.B – Following England’s complete disintegration and pathetic showing at the Euros, we please ask you to disregard our French interns’ comparison to the English team. Our quality and dedication never falter’s and our dedication to the end goal is never put into question.