We have landed in our new office in the City close to St Paul’s and next door to Mansion House tube. We have opted for a more modern approach which is a shared office space courtesy of Funding Circle. Funding Circle, who are pioneers of pier to pier funding rewriting the rule book for banking loans to business – have brought together a number of their investor funded start-up’s to share space in their building. Our neighbours range from online lego media, financiers, online vets, sustainable eco home builders and a stock market with the stock being residential property. A number of these are backed with crowd based funding initiatives. We have our own unique area so confidentially is not in question and we have managed to get used to the space sharing aspect quite quickly. It is great to see and have the opportunity to interact with so many different and unique businesses ideas. Large fully utilised kitchen with lunch area, showers, underground bike storage and a table tennis table all make it fairly appealing too.