Our teambuilding trips are a fundamental aspect of what makes Essentia great.  Having been here just over a year I’ve joined multiple high-adrenaline trips; the last of which being a ‘Bike-packing’ trip through the Welsh Valleys, which was interesting to say the least!  The return of our esteemed Commercial Director, Mike Morris, naturally warranted a day out of the office to give him a warm (albeit wet) welcome home.

White water rafting seemed like a great choice (some of the team initially thought otherwise…) although an afternoon that started out well turned into train delays to the Olympic Park, phone signal issues to inform the team of our late arrival, etc, etc! When we finally arrived, we were chucked in at the deep end (literally)!  One very large wave threw half of us out and into the rapids not knowing which way was up! Lots of banter, lots of laughter and some healthy competition thrown in and at the end of the evening a much needed pint. These team events are a perfect example of why Essentia Consulting is a great place to be.

Kristian Turner-Radford